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Should We Offer Dropout Insurance?

Satyajit Chatterjee of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and Felicia Ionescu of Colgate University are working on a research paper (“Insuring Student Loans Against The Financial Risk Of Failing To Complete College”, available at suggesting that community welfare would benefit from a policy of offering insurance that would forgive student loan debt incurred by those who fail to complete their degree.

Why Attend Technology School?

A technology school is a college or university organized to prepare students to work in a technical field. Many conduct technology related research -- these would be technology-focused universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology -- but many more focus on preparing students for work as technicians of some kind. These are often called vocational technical schools, and they have career-focused training as their priority.

Colleges of Nursing Are a Solid Educational Choice Right Now

Nursing has always been a solid path to the middle class. Depending on their qualifications, experience and the setting in which they work, good nurses can make six-figure salaries.

With the aging of the American population -- the Baby Boomers will soon retire -- the need for skilled nurses will only get bigger over the years.

Nurses can work in a variety of settings, from the stress and excitement of an emergency room to the relative gentility of a plastic surgeon's office.

4 Reforms to Heal the "New Class Divide"

Charles Murray (American Enterprise Institute) follows up on criticism that his recent book about the new territory of American class separation offers few prescriptions, with an opinion piece in the New York Times. He offers up four reforms, at the same time admitting they would make little ground-level difference: 1) Ending unpaid internships, which further advantage already privileged students. 2) Replacing SAT tests with subject-specific knowledge tests. (Isn't this the SAT II?).

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